The app does NOT require a camera, motion sensors or a digital compass to help you with satellite antenna set up. A whole bunch of other useful features: - 2 modes: GPS-OFF take advantage of satellite maps to off-site express check intended location for possible satellite signal blocks before you actually setup the dish and GPS-ON aligning the dish ; - 2 types of target: Satellite choose a certain satellite from a list and Direction set specific direction, which is good for aligning point-to-point wireless communication antennas ; - 4 map types; - Easy to use search by either a satellite's own name or satellite provider's name; - Access to a public transponder list; - Magnetic azimuth display for hard-core compass fans! Make sure that the internet and GPS are enabled on your phone; bear in mind that for best accuracy you should be outdoor, or at least come close to a window; 2. Wait for max accuracy of GPS it may take some time to determine your location. Look at the map, if direction indicator runs across a landmark that is easy to spot from the dish location a house, a lake, a big tree etc. If satellite images are of poor quality or there are no landmarks in sight, do the following trick: 6.

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Une modification matérielle simple du satellite finder est nécessaire. Vous pouvez le télécharger ici: fichier ZIP ko. All the components are available from various dealers. An easy hardware modification of the satellite finder is required. You can download it here: ZIP file kb.

Ca change des tubes optiques, non? Dupont-Bloch sep Le système complet: PC, satellite finder, convertisseur, antenne et monture. S'intègre parfaitement dans le salon. The whole system: PC, satellite finder, converter, antenna and mount. The living-room is a fine place for it. Dupont-Bloch sep Dans le ventre du convertisseur "maison". Inside the home-made converter.

Dupont-Bloch sep Schéma du convertisseur. Simple et économique. Blueprint of the converter. Simple and cheap. Accuracy: 8 bits perfect for the radio telescope , parallel output, speed kHz a CD player reaches Dupont-Bloch sep Branchements du satellite finder au-dessus et du convertisseur qui alimente tous les composants.

La sortie REC est inutilisée. How to plug the satellite finder above and the converter which supplies all the components. The REC output is unused. Dupont-Bloch sep Le programme temps réel d'acquisition. Pas d'images, mais des mesures Les données sont sauvées dans un fichier et peuvent être ensuite traitées dans un tableur.

The real-time acquisition software. No pictures, only measures The data are written in a file and can be hereafter processed in a spreadsheet. Dupont-Bloch sep Premier résultat d'observation le sep, avec une monture sans moteur.

Le bref pic de gauche est la température du sol. Le pic central est le passage du Soleil devant l'antenne. La courbe mesure le diamètre de la couronne solaire. J'ignore encore pourquoi la courbe est asymétrique. La température de l'équipement a-t-elle augmenté et provoqué un bruit thermique important? First observation report on sep, on a mount without motor. The brief peak on the left is the temperature of the soil.

The central peak is due to the Sun walking across the field of the antenna. The curve measures the diameter of the solar corona. I don't know yet why the curve is assymetrical. Perhaps the temperature of the equipment increased and caused an important thermal noise?


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